Codemotion is the event open to all languages and technologies. It is the evolution of Javaday Roma, which after four editions has become the event of the art of programming.

The first edition of Codemotion has been in March 2011 and over 2000 people, 25 communities and 22 sponsor firms have become members.

During Codemotion 2011 there have been 65 talks on: gaming, mobile, hacking, os, tools, what’s hot, language and innovation.

The second edition of Codemotion will be held on 23rd and 24th March and there will be two main innovations: the lengthening of activities from one to two days and the fact that two events will be held simultaneously in Rome and Madrid.

Codemotion’s program will be defined through Call for Paper which is open to everyone. The proposals’ selection will be done by representatives of the official communities which are connected to both the analysis of language and software development.

During Codemotion, all participants will have the chance to have new professional opportunities by leaving their CV to the sponsor firms.

We are working on a project to promote the relationship between developers and startups and their synergic work for innovation.

Codemotion will be hosted by the Engineering department of the Third University of Rome.
Entry is free, as always.
For any further information contact us on:

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