Introduction to SOA

SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) is an IT strategy, which aims to organize the discrete functions contained in enterprise architecture, in services interoperable, standards-based, which can be combined to facilitate reuse and to answer you quickly change business.
SOA is therefore, despite the name, a strategy more than a simple architecture, this implies a radical change in thinking about IT.
Oracle’s definition of SOA identifies six areas of interest to be considered for implementing an SOA.
The six areas are:

• Business Strategy & Process
• Architecture
• Building Blocks
• Project & Applications
• Organization & Governance
• Costs & Benefits

Each of these six areas covering a business environment allowing precise alignment of the entire company to the required change of SOA.
The interaction of the six areas of interest, or as domains are defined by Oracle, can cover all business areas that must interact together to drive change.
Let’s identify what are the different areas to cover and that they aim:

Business & Stategy Process: The goal of this domain is to support the Business and all the changes they need

Architecture: the goal is to drive all IT projects with the business, respect for values and business integration processes must be considered necessary to change and not as an obstacle

Building Blocks: This is probably one of the fundamental domains, the goal of this domain is to promote consistency and availability of services, thus avoiding non-repeatable processes developed.

Project & applications: the goal of this domain is to create a register of all applications and present projects to reuse as much as possible existing projects to avoid duplication of functionality

Organization & Governance: The objective of this domain is to create documents and necessary to manage IT projects, the task of this domain is to standardize all the IT processes necessary changes and you meet with the business.

Cost & Benefits: The goal of this domain is to identify all the costs of various IT projects, including identifying the benefits that the adoption of SOA will lead the entire IT industry.

Here concludes our brief introduction to SOA in the next articles will deepen the six domains and their practical implications in the development of a SOA.


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